September 22, 2016

Hottest eye makeup trends from the ramps

Fashion, Lifestyle

Makeup trends change every season. If contouring was the fad a few seasons ago, non-touring is the ‘in thing’ this year. Eye makeup has also changed over the years. This year...


September 14, 2016

27 Must Try Foods from Around the World

Food, Travel

If you are a foodie, you would agree with George Bernard Shaw that there’s is...


August 10, 2016

9 Hair Care Tips To Beat The Monsoons


As you enjoy the cool weather and the on-going torrents, make sure to treat your hair with extra care. Thanks to the monsoons, hair can develop a frizzy and dry texture. This...


July 27, 2016

Solo Backpack Trip to Spiti Valley – Day 5 (Nako Village)

Photography, Travel

Travelling is like dreaming. It is as thrilling as dreams. And there is a sense...